Project Complete – 40k Salamanders

A small batch of Salamanders for Warhammer 40k. I’ve begun offering a “Basic” quality level for those interested in tabletop quality miniatures. Check out the complete gallery HERE. The project includes a 10-man Tactical Squad, Terminator Captain, and a Magnetized Dreadnought. Minis were based using a lava theme on my custom resin bases.

Full Gallery

Update 20 MAY 2017

It’s been a busy couple months and here are some long overdue project updates. First off, a random assortment of Warmachine minis. Full collection of photos can be seen HERE.

Next up, another pair of magnetized Rhinos/Razorbacks for the ongoing Dark Angels project. Check out the complete gallery HERE.


Updated Cygnar Collection

Updated photos of a previously completed project, soon to be listed on Ebay. Not sure of the point total for this collection under the new Mk III rule set, but I believe it was roughly 50 points or so during 2nd ed.

Check out the full HD Gallery HERE.

Warmachine, CYGNAR